About Us

Who We Are

The Riley Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports children impacted by a loved one's addiction and their family.

Everyone Knows Someone Who Is Addicted

When someone you know or love develops an addiction, it affects everyone around them including their families, friends and our communities as a whole. We believe families in early sobriety will require many sources of support in order to successfully reach long term recovery. This includes resources to address the impact addiction has on the children who grow up in a familiy with addiction issues. 

How We Help

The Riley Foundation provides various forms of support for individuals in recovery and their children including The Seven C's Workshop Series, Need Based Scholarships, and community outreach. Our aim is to offer ongoing support for families that adapts to meet their changing needs throughout the recovery process. In addition to our programs, we do our best to connect families with other resources available in the community that can help them reach long term stability.

Why The Riley Foundation Was Started: By Ryan Salter

I realized now that I had been watching Riley fighting a disease for a long time. In the beginning you would not have noticed, he seemed happy. After being with him for a while you would have started to notice. You would have noticed the depression, the underlying agitation with himself. Riley fought this disease of addiction for many hard years. Riley knew his part in it; if he was writing this he would have admittedly told you all about it. In the end though, the disease was just bigger than him. When Riley died, I heard a song by Bruce Springsteen that did the best at representing what I felt. It says “They say you can’t take it with you, but I think that they are wrong. Cause I woke up this morning and something big was gone.”

The Riley Foundation has been created to try to fill the large hole left here on earth by Riley’s death. Its message is to help and educate people about the disease of addiction so that somewhere someone struggling like Riley will find what he or she needs to successfully manage the disease and live a life filled with their hopes and dreams.