From all of us at the Riley Foundation & the families we serve....
Thank You! 
We know that what motivates most donations to our organization is a personal connection to the disease of addiction and we feel honored to be entrusted stewards of such sincere generosity. We consider the personal reasons that inspire the giving to be heart of who we are. Each donation, no matter the size, sends the message to children & parents new to addiction recovery that they are not alone. Thank you for being a part of our recovery community.
Together we are stronger.
2019 Gratitude List
JB Berland Foundation 


Gratitude Letters From Scholarship Recipients

Dear Riley Foundation,

I just wanted to take some time to say thanks for accepting me & my family for your scholarship. It is a huge help financially & even bigger help mentally & emotionally. Now I am able to focus on my treatment without stressing about losing my place to live. This truly is the biggest blessing I could have hoped for. Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to have a better life.



To all of you that make the Riley Foundation a reality,

There are no words to express my gratitude for you and your scholarships. I was discharged from inpatient to out-patient into a sober living home. I applied to countless assistance programs to no avail. I was literally 12 hours from losing housing when the Riley Foundation approved me for a scholarship. I was completely terrified with nowhere to turn.

Because of your generosity and compassion, you changed my life. The scholarships have given me courage, safety and hope. And lifts a huge burden off.

My goal is to be completely self sufficient with long-term sobriety, a new closeness with my son and giving back to the community.

Thank you,


Dear Donor,

I received a scholarship for dental work. I was able to get the remaining rotting teeth pulled, and brand new pretty dentures.

This scholarship has completely changed my life. I haven’t smiled in years without covering my mouth or keeping my head down. I was embarrassed to meet new people, shy to order my own food at restaurants, etc. Since getting my teeth fixed I feel beautiful and confident for the first time in over 15 years. I smile constantly. I work in substance use recovery and it helps to show newcomers the blessings and hope. I can never thank you all enough!

As a single mother of 2, I never thought I had hope of fixing my smile. It was obvious to my children’s friends, and their parents that I had made some poor life choices. I feel like a normal mom again. My kids are no longer as hesitant to introduce me. It has made all of our lives better.

These scholarships give us an opportunity to have things we had given up on due to our past. I can not say enough how much this scholarship has changed my life. As a single mother of 2 with a record, my choices are somewhat limited. I survive check to check, which is ok, but would’ve never been enough to fix my smile. My life is forever changed thanks to this scholarship.

Thank you,


Dear Riley Foundation,

The scholarship I received was a month’s rent for sober living and car repair services. I applied while I was waiting on an appeal for Social Security Disability and was unable to work and had no other resources to assist with rent at the time and also needed car repairs to help with my family transportation (single mom in recovery).

At the time of the scholarship I was facing homelessness and no transportation for myself and my daughter to get to school and recovery programs/meetings. The scholarship allowed me to have transportation to see my daughter for regular custody pick-ups/drop-offs and take her to school and pick her up.

Receiving a scholarship provided me housing so I could focus on my recovery instead of worrying about being homeless. It also aided in getting me to and from support meetings.

I would like to thank you for the assistance I have been provided through the scholarship. It helped me to continue to move forward in my recovery. Although I have experienced setbacks and am still struggling with stability, I have remained sober with no relapses. I now have 2 years 2 months sober and remain hopeful no matter what life throws my way.


Dear Riley Foundation,

The Riley foundation helped pay for therapy for my daughter and a lawyer to fight for custody from her abusive father. I had no idea there was help out there for single mothers like me. I’m 4 years sober and clean and very much involved in the 12 step program. I came into the program with nothing and a broken relationship with my family. All that has mended and changed over the past 4 years of doing that next right thing.. However I don’t come from a family with money, and i don’t even make it paycheck to paycheck.

At the time of applying, my 9 year old daughter was suffering trauma severely that she needed help with and legally her dad could continue to try to come around, which put us both at risk of being hurt. Since starting therapy she has worked through the trauma, and is no longer peeing her pants daily, and is sleeping through the night without screaming in her sleep, she isn’t calling me from school several times a day to come home.

I recently got awarded full custody of my daughter, which is the greatest blessing for both of us. Thank you so much for helping us.


J. M.

(Trigger warning: This family’s experience contains child suicide)

Dear Riley Foundation,

The scholarship we received paid for my family to move and funeral expenses for my son. Sadly I lost my 13 year old son to suicide in June and it happened in the home. We (my other 2 kids and I) needed to desperately move and I didn’t know where to turn for help. The apartment building we lived in was also up for sale, which would have meant an increase in rent or eviction. Mostly, the emotional and mental disturbances from having to stay here where my son took his life and I found him was too much.

The scholarship has been very positive for us. We are able to start fresh, in a bigger and better place. We need to try and rebuild our lives once again. We in the last 3 years have lost my mom (July 2016) my husband to overdose (November 2017) and my precious son (June 2019).

I have over 5 years in recovery and staying in the apartment (we are in the process of moving now) was adding a lot more emotional and mental stress for myself and my other 2 kids. I found my son in my boys bedroom and keep seeing it play back in my head. I have fought to get where I’m at today and didn’t want anything to interrupt my recovery. And both my other kids saw me cut and pull my son down to the floor while calling 911. I think it would have been more traumatic to stay here for all of us.

I just want to thank everyone involved with my scholarship. It means the world to us. It shows how much we are cared about by complete strangers. It’s exciting to be able to have something to look forward to during this time of great sadness.


Workshop Program Feedback

This is the one place I come to and have my children feel like they aren’t “different”! - We love you guys!

The Riley Foundation has been/had a very positive impact in mine & my daughter’s life. We appreciate the valuable resource this foundation is. From Christmas help to scholarships for car repairs and dental work, it’s been so enriching. - Much love from my family to Riley Foundation

We love the workshops. Thanks for all the work you put into them!

The activities were brilliant! The balloon activity was very powerful! I think it is a visual way to see control. Even as adults we have a hard time with this concept. This program is great!

Cute workshop activity examples

We have come so far with the workshop program! What began as semi structured art meetups has become a one of a kind workshop series curated by a child psychologist for the needs of COAs. Each year we work hard to improve the quality of the program and provide a specialized experience for our attendees. We focus on making sure kids know they are not alone in what they are going through and that they are important to us!


Some new additions to the workshop series this year include official Riley Foundation “Team Member” shirts, concept kits that serve as workshop theme reminders, monthly mailers for our young attendees and updates to workshop activities to make the experience even more fun and interactive. We look forward to continuing the process of improving what we do to provide the highest level of support for the children & families we work with!