Growing up in a home with addiction is difficult. 

When someone you know or love develops an addiction it affects everyone around them, especially young children. Unfortunately, few programs offer targeted support for children from homes with addiction issues that focus on their unique needs. We believe children AND parents benefit greatly when children recieve thier own support services including age appropriate addiction education, resilience building opportunities, access to non-using caring adults, and meeting other children from similar backgrounds. 


Our Mission 

To decrease the adverse impact addiction has on children and increase stability for families in recovery.

Our Vision

That children and families across the state of Utah will have access to the types of supports necessary to overcome common barriers to successful family recovery.


Create evidence based support resources for children of addiction and their families

Raise public awareness and compassion regarding the disease of addiction and its impact on children and families.

Be a constant source of hope and understanding for children and families recovering from addiction.