We Create Support for Children Impacted by a Loved One's Addiction and Their Family 


When someone you know or love develops an addiction it affects everyone around them including their families, friends and our communities as a whole. We believe when a family starts the recovery process, every member in that family will need varous sources of support as they transition from early recovery to long-term stability.  Unfortunately, few programs currently exist that offer ongoing support for children from homes with addiction issues even though parental addiction can have a profound and lasting negative impact throughout a child's life.

We believe, with adequate support, families can heal and recover from addiction together! We also believe that by educating the community about the disease of addiction, we can foster understanding and diminish current stigmas families face as they strive to recover.


Mission Statement

The Riley Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating support networks for children and families recovering from addiction and educating the community on addiction issues.

Vision Statement

That children and families across the state of Utah will have access to the types of supports that are necessary to successfully heal from substance use issues.


Create a safe place for children and families to learn about addiction.

Increase support resources available for families in recovery. 

Raise public awareness about the disease of addiction and its impact on our communities.

Be a constant source of hope and understanding for children and families recovering from addiction.


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