Program Summary
The common goal we have for all of our programs is to decrease the adverse impact addiction has on children and increase support for families in early recovery. 
The Seven Cs Workshop Series is a free evidence based support program for COAs and their caregivers. Each workshop uses play centered activities that focus on addiction education, addiction prevention, and supports the psychological well-being of children ages 3-12 from homes with addiction issues.
The Essential Need Scholarship Program targets certain financial insecurities that are common barriers to recovery success and stability. By providing small scholarships that cover gaps in community resources, we help families maintain a more secure home environment. We've found that access to scholarships is vital to helping families weather the transition from early recovery (first 3-5 years) to ongoing recovery (years 5 - 10) where the family environment is typically more stable *(NACoA). We believe alleviating certain financial burdens for parents creates an environment that feels safer for children and minimizing an excessive financial burden for the parent allows them to be more present as a caregiver.
The Sub for Santa program provides Christmas assistance for children impacted by a loved one’s addiction and parents in early addiction recovery.

 Program In Development

Hattie's Fund Will provide COAs with scholarships for extracurricular activities that increase their access to non-using supportive adults and mastery experiences.
Research has shown that children of addiction (COA) benefit greatly when they have access to extracurricular activities including school clubs, sports, dance, music, art, or other special interests in structured settings facilitated by a caring adult (mentor). Unfortunately, many COAs don’t get involved due to the cost of participation. Hattie’s fund will make grants available for COAs to engage in the types of experiences that have been shown to foster the resilience they need to overcome & thrive!


  1. Family Recovery

  2. Gathering Game

  3. Telephone Game

  4. I'm Part of a Team

  5. Building Support Networks

  6. I'm Not Alone