Sub for Santa 
Christmas Assistance for Children & Families Impacted by a Loved One’s Addiction. 

Early addiction recovery comes with many challenges, including financial. New sobriety, and the radical changes that come with it, can make providing even a simple Christmas very stressful for recovering parents. Thanks to donations from generous sponsors, we can provide local families with a helping hand during the holidays so that they may experience more of the joy of the season!


To determine if you qualify, these are a few of the things we consider.

  • Children's Age: Our program focuses on children 12 and under. In order to be considered for our Sub for Santa program, a family must have at least one child in this age range. Our assistance will extend to older siblings up to 16 years of age.
  • Financial Need: Families can verify a financial need in various ways. For example, if you already qualify for income based programs, have been in inpatient treamtent recently, etc. 
  • Location: Families that live outside of Utah County may need to pick up their assistance package in Utah County.
  • Program Participation: First priority will be given to families who have attended our Seven C’s Workshop Series. Families who have yet to attend the workshops may still apply!


We understand that family circumstances are unique, if you have eligibility questions email

Request an application by contacing  

Application Deadline 
To be considered for assistance, please have your complete application submitted by December 1st 2019.  
If you would like to make a contribution to our Sub for Santa program, visit our Donation Page and write "Sub for Santa" in the comments when you make your contribution.